Our Story

Welcome to the story of get real baking and the people behind the bakes.
For me, it wasn’t a direct path to baking as a career. In fact, I didn’t recognize baking as a passion until my life journeyed me from a public school teacher, to college instructor, then consultant and ultimately a career in the energy sector with a specialty in leadership, performance improvement, talent management & organization development. If you’re thinking ‘whoa! that’s a crazy career path’, I completely agree!
2013 was the year for me to figure out ‘what I want to do when I grow up’. It took a couple years, but ultimately, I determined that the act of baking and baking it for someone is more than happy childhood memories, it’s a passion that I’d never acknowledged. It satisfies my creativity and allows me to help others create their own memories.
What started in our home kitchen with a hand mixer and a passion for baking for friends & family has evolved into a dedicated space with an AHS approved commercial kitchen in our home with 4 mixers, 3 ovens, & what seems like an unlimited amount of baking tools, pans and supplies.
Get real baking wouldn’t exist without my husband, Dave. He’s the most amazing person and not just my biggest supporter & promoter, but a hands-on contributor to the business in so many ways. He is my person; my happily ever after and makes me the luckiest woman on the planet. He turns me, I, mine into we, us & ours.

We invite you to enjoy our bakes!

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