Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is the answer to our most asked question “What’s your specialty?” Our specialty is baked goods that are always homemade, prepared from scratch with real ingredients.

When you indulge, we want you to enjoy something homemade; something that is ‘worth it’; something with ingredients you can pronounce and your body recognizes.


Made by a person, not a machine. That time, attention & energy becomes a part of the product. We do have some equipment that assists, but it’s all about the personal time, attention & passion in each & every bake.

from scratch

So many of our products have multiple recipes because each element of the finished product is made from scratch. Things like caramel sauce & toffee, cookies for a crust, fresh lemon zest & juice to make a filling, … every crust, filling, frosting, layer, drizzle, & dollop is made from scratch.

real ingredients

We purchase, grow & forage real ingredients that become part of the bakes.

Purchase: organic when possible, local when possible, Canadian products first.

Grow: we are naturally organic gardeners & use our homegrown rhubarb, zucchini, carrots, saskatoons & raspberries – no insecticides, no pesticides, & no artificial fertilizers.

Forage: we have friends & family who are also chemical free producers. They share crabapples, apples, cherries, plums, pears … and we forage wild Alberta chokecherries & saskatoons.

No artificial flavours, no artificial colours & no preservatives are our standard, but if you want a bit of colour in your frosting, we’re ok with that.